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Sustainability is not a straight line or an easy fix.

Our goal is to create fashion that lasts, one custom order at a time, focusing on premium quality and sustainable production.

Ever thought about the ink in cheap leggings? We do.

The inks we use are water-based NeoPigment™, absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-toxic for people and completely biodegradable. At the end of the production process, we take care to dispose of left-over ink according to the ink supplier guidelines, so we’re not harming the environment.

Our printers use almost zero waste water and much less energy than common practices, lowering the carbon footprint of every piece of our activewear.

On-demand Means Less Waste

Each YoniFlower product is made on-demand, which means once you place the order, we start creating it.

It will take a few more days for you to get it. Even though it's not the "next day delivery" so common in the fashion world, we prevent overproduction by custom-making each order.

Did you know that "fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output—more than international flights and shipping combined"? Today, 87% of fabric used for clothing is incinerated or ends up in landfills.

Instead, we only produce products that our customers actually want and we don't throw our leftover stock into landfills.

Minimizing our Impact

Every kind of production impacts our environment and contributes toward harmful greenhouse gas emissions, from food to fashion, and we own that.

It's why we are constantly looking for ways to minimize our impact through the use of sustainable practices.

In shipping, we are reducing plastic waste by switching to 100% plastic free packaging, using biodegradable mailers made of corn starch that can be re-used or composted at home.

Also, we are currently deciding which company to support with each purchase. Stay tuned!