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YoniFlower Collections: Proclaiming to the world "Own Your Yoni!" with bold flowers, dynamic patterns & subtle neutrals. Fun. Unapologetic. Confident. 100% you.

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Woman, Artist, Founder

What you find here springs from the mind, eyes, and heart of artist, writer, speaker, and coach, Jené Jackson. She creates designs from her vision and art, everyday photography, urbex, and travels around the world. Every design is 100% unique.

“Why should art be confined to walls or museums? I want to infuse our everyday lives with wearable and practical art, to wear beauty on our legs and dance it into the world. Amazing! Maybe a pair of leggings won't change the whole world...but they might change your day. A little rebellion can shift perspective that extra special bit, to bring change and transformation. Open up new opportunities. Let's step into our power."

Love, Jené

"YoniFlower leggings are the first pair of leggings I've experienced that felt like wearing butter and were tailored to my body. I got an XL size of the yoga pants and was amazed at how comfortable they were. I got the Hydrangea Blues and the print is clear, while abstract enough to visually draw you in to explore more. I give my YoniFlower leggings an excited two thumbs up." - Brenna

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