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Our Founder and the Church of Wild

Hi! My name is Jene' Jackson. I'm an author, speaker, and long-time passionate amateur photographer and now, designer! I see the world in terms of light and shadow...drama. And I love seeing how people express themselves through clothing. Though I don't play well with sewing machines, I still have a portfolio full of designs sketched in high school in a box somewhere.

When I lost my job due to COVID-19, as many of us did, I decided it was time to unite my passions to design products that express confidence in womanhood and beauty, using my photography as the raw material. I've been dreaming and planning a store to share with the world for years, working on the YoniFlower concept for over a year, and now, I'm building it for real, here.

I'm a creative. I have more books to write, more thoughts to share, more stories to tell. Those will come. But with the YoniFlower Collections store, I hope to make our world a brighter, lovelier, cheekier place, to galvanize and encourage confidence in women's lives, to more fully support our community, and to rile up a lot of fun!