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Men's Leggings = "Meggings"

We believe everyone has a little yoni in their nature, however they identify. The "ManohMANLY line is for those who identify on the more masculine side of things. We are and know men who will not only want to celebrate their yoni-ness but also show solidarity with womxn by wearing YoniFlower designs. We also offer exclusive, "manlier" designs. Check them out here.

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You can look forward to...

These flagship collections are only the beginning. You can look forward to new designs regularly, as well as matching sports bras, masks, and sweatpants, botanical prints that are a little less in-your-face but just as striking, and designs using Jene's photography of plants, abstract/urban, travel, and patterns, and more. We can't wait to release collection after collection based on seasons, themes, always with new photos and fascinating vistas!

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