Slow Fashion Custom Made & Testimonials

Slow Fashion through Made to Order

We renounce "fast fashion" by custom making each of your orders, focusing on premium quality, sustainable production, durable products, and impact over perfection.

Getting each design just right takes much longer than you might imagine; they're not just slapped on. You will see slight design differences among styles...this is not an industrial product but an artist's creation. We embrace Impact over Perfection and aim to craft each design with an eye to beauty and elegance, doing our best to make each style congruent with the others.

Our seamstresses do their very best to align and center what we send them, but we cannot guarantee exact placement or perfect alignment. We hope you will enjoy your human-produced, artist-designed products, reveling in the impact.

Design Forecasts

This flagship collection is only the beginning. You can look forward to new YoniFlower designs when the Church of Wild Collections store launches, as well as matching sports bras, masks, and sweatpants, botanical prints that are a little less in-your-face but just as striking, and designs using Jene's photography of plants, abstract/urban, and patterns, and more.

We can't wait to release collection after collection based on seasons, themes, always with new photos and fascinating vistas!


"YoniFlower leggings are the first pair of leggings I've experienced that felt like wearing butter and were tailored to my body. I got an XL size of the yoga pants and was amazed at how comfortable they were. I got the Hydrangea Blues and the print is clear, while abstract enough to visually draw you in to explore more. I give my YoniFlower leggings an excited two thumbs up. Thank you Jené!"